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Mobile Airport Authority owns and operates both Mobile Aeroplex at Brookley and Mobile Regional Airport, which totals 4,500 acres (1800+ ha) of land and over 6 million square feet (550,000+ square meters) of building space. Ground leasing and building leasing options are available at both locations; and many properties offer direct runway access. Both facilities are tax exempt from ad valorem taxes, which allows us to pass additional savings on to tenants. Should a tenant enter into a ground lease, taxes would not be assessed on the land, but personal property tax would be payable on buildings and improvements.

While Mobile Aeroplex at Brookley offers unmatched logistical infrastructure, Mobile Regional Airport offers attractive, large sites in West Mobile, the city's fastest developing area. Rental rates are based on fair market value and vary by site. Please contact our real estate manager, Carleen Stout, at 251-650-1487 or to learn details about lease rates for both locations.

Mobile Aeroplex at Brookley Real Estate

Mobile Airport Authority does not sell its real estate, but rather works with various operators, developers and brokers. While all building plans must be submitted to the City of Mobile for permitting and review; Mobile Airport Authority self-zones all of its properties and thus, has the ability to accommodate a variety of site layout requests on our campuses. Many properties are located on the airfield, which is attractive to aviation and aerospace businesses or those that support this sector.

Mobile Aeroplex at Brookley provides a variety of amenities, attractive to the employers and employees who work on site. The facility features several federal credit unions and an industrial medicine clinic. Arlington Park, owned and maintained by the City of Mobile, is part of the Aeroplex and offers the employees, as well as general public, great access to Mobile Bay fishing, kayaking, picnic and exercising areas.

Security & Safety
Mobile Airport Authority Police Department has established regular patrol at Mobile Aeroplex at Brookley. The premises are watched during weekdays, weekends and holidays. A fire station, located at Mobile Downtown Airport, covers the entire Mobile Aeroplex at Brookley area, and can access any business on site in a matter of minutes.

Master Plan

Mobile Aeroplex at Brookley operates under a Master Plan that applies to all development, rehabilitation and improvements. Please click above to learn more about the plan.

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